About Me

Britney Nhu-Quynh Le

Welcome to my personal website. I coded this portfolio myself using Adobe Dreamweaver. My name is Britney Nhu-Quynh Le and I am a senior at James W. Robinson Secondary School. I will be graduating the year of 2019 along with many of my peers. This website was made for the sole purpose of displaying my personal digital designs and other creations of sorts. Throughout high school I have been consistently developing my skills using Adobe applications. On the side I model traditional Vietnamese dresses (ao dai) for festivals and charity purposes, longboard/skateboard, steal other people's puppies (though I shouldn't because I'm allergic to them), explore cafes, and drink boba daily.

My Goals

I am a self-taught graphic artist and programmer through Adobe's tutorials, youtube, and close friends. I plan to further my studies throughout college as I study abroad, get an internship, and job. I want to continue building a strong resume in hopes of being a well rounded individual.

VietFest 2018
Mission Dolores Park
Skateboarding with Family
Chai-Yo Cafe
KungFu Tea
Gaithersburg Friends
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Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Word

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Powerpoint


George Mason University         4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

Start Date: August 2019               Anticipated Date of Transfer: June 2021

Phone Number: 703-993-1000

Robinson Secondary School         5035 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA 22032

Start Date: August 2017               Anticipated Date of Graduation: June 2019

Phone Number: 703-426-2100

Gaithersburg High School             101 Education Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Start Date: August 2015                End Date: June 2017

Phone Number: 301-284-4500


FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) 2017 - Current

ASU (Asian Student Union) 2018 - 2019

NHS (National Honors Society) 2018 - 2019

BHS (Business Honors Society) 2017 - 2019

Girls Varsity Tennis Singles 2015-2017

Stage Crew 2015 - 2016


Honor Roll Award 2015 - 2019

Varsity Athletic Award 2016

Orchestra Varsity Letter 2016

Versatility Achievement Award of Excellence 2016

W.E.B. DuBois Academic Achievement Award of Excellence 2016

Silver Medal Tennis Singles Tournament in Potomac, MD 2015

Gold Medal Tennis Doubles Tournament in Potomac, MD 2015

Work Experience

Flower Barber Shop Logo, Website Design & Development 2019 - Current

Anecia Nichelle Website Design & Development 2019

Volunteer Experience

FORL Logo, Website Design, and Website Development 2019 - Current

FBLA Junior Achievement Day 2019

FBLA Food for Neighbors 2019

FBLA INOVA Blood Drive 2018 - Current

FBLA ASK (Childhood Cancer Foundation) 2017 - Current

Harvest Moon (Vietnamese Modeling) 2017 - Current

VLAC (Vietnamese Literary and Artistic Club) 2018


GHS Boys Varsity Tennis Manager 2017

C&O Canal Bike Loaner Program 2014 - 2015

Autism Buddy 2013 - 2015


Why I Aspire

I love creating things that inspire others. My creativity translated to programming and design which are skills I honed inside and outside of the classroom. As I learned to make flyers, design apparel, and develop a website portfolio I realized my passion.


About The Job

An Interactive Designer is a combination of technical, design, and customer service skills. Interactive Designers observe how products are used and develop a design plan to ensure consumer satisfaction.


Work Description

Interactive Designers collaborate with those involved with producing the product to finalize a design plan. Interaction designers work in the best interest for consumers to ensure their needs and wantes are considered. They also associate with marketing professionals to help develop ways to promote the product. Designers then reobserve user responses to recorrect interaction issues and improve experience.


Education Expectations

A bachelor's degree in business administration, market research, graphic design, or engineering is the standard education for Interactive Designers. They need skills to be able to work with design programs like Adobe Suite. Also, taking courses in computer-aided design would be beneficial because it will develop their analytical skills to be able to process data and assess the effectiveness of their designs.


Skills Needed

Communication, analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, computer, artistic, teamwork, and design plan

How Much They Make

Median Annual Salary


Job Outlook

Industrial Designers



Some conflicts Interactive Designers face these days are keeping up with the advancement in technology. They have to learn various operating interfaces, programming languages, and development environments. The desirable multiple functionalities on a small interface is increasing in demand, yet so few understand the struggles of Interactive Designers. Specifically, limited battery charge has become dificult to resolve.