About ASU

Asian Student Union

We are an organization where our main focus is on the Asian minority and the empowerment of our community. However, we do not exclude the majority and others, we encourage them to join the club. We discuss topics such as the role of an Asian Americans in society today and other topics that revolve around the societal position of the minority. We are looking to fundraise by selling a variety of Asian cuisine dishes and decorations to further our cause, as well as pay for the events that we will host.

My Goals

The plan is to host and/or support events that empower the Asian society, help charity organizations based in Asia, and just make Robinson a better community as a whole, a community that is more accepting. I want people to be more exposed and aware about the various Asian cultures and traditions through our club's food sales, events, and much more.

Boba Social
Pot Luck Party
DC Cherry Blossoms
Washington Monument
Paper Lanterns